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The CARES Act reinstated carry backs of NOLs, but before we can understand how an NOL is used we need to understand how it is created, so we’ll start at the beginning and work the problem all the way through to your client putting money in the bank.

 · Explore whether your software is calculating the NOL correctly

· Understand what assumptions your software makes

· Determine what simple entries you are overlooking that will help assure these calculations are done correctly

· Learn which elections to make to decrease your clients’ taxes! 

· Become comfortable with Form 1045, so your client can get their refund quicker

· Find out why using your 1040X software may be causing big mistakes in your NOL carryforward calculations

· Worksheets and checklists to lead you through the calculations step-by-step

· Review of the necessary forms line-by-line

· Preparation tips that will allow you to complete NOL returns in a fraction of the time

· 2-hour recording and a detailed, fully-cited, illustrated text

· 3 CPE credits

This 3-CPE credit recorded seminar will cover all this and more

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